hello I am Rizzo the rat

You’d recognize me if u just heard my voice, my other voice, not this wimper, this hesitation, this hollow sound that escapes my body (tethered as it is to fear) only to drive a shiny new wedge (tailored to the specifications of our merging) between our strangeness

I don’t know what road you took to get here and so, please forgive me, I don’t know if my mouth will make the right shapes at you, the one that calls you so earnestly into my kitchen of guilt

Here, doesn’t this taste like vindication?

I’ll be chained to that quesadilla long after your gone even as it makes its way through your small intestine towards a faulty conduit of infrastructure (despite a series of signal malfunctions) into a foaming and opalescent nebula of foreign matter that floats like a slippery membrane on the face of the sea